Why trust our Luxembourg tutors

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Our company is fully dedicated to your child's success! 

Here is a list of our teacher's commitments:

🌓regular and thorough monitoring of your child's progress,
🌔systematic transmission of lesson summaries to the parents, 
🌕detailed, teaching-oriented correction of homework via email, 
🌖sending of a report to legal guardian after each class,
🌗consolidation of previously-covered elements via preparation and correction of homework

5 excellent reasons to choose us as specialized school tutoring partner:

🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 

🧡 We offer monitoring instruments carefully designed for efficient tracking of progression.

💛 We can deliver the lessons at your home or remotely via videoconferencing.

💚We ask the children to complete homework assignments that we use as progression-tracking tools.

💙 We offer thorough and educative correction of the homework via email, thereby keeping contact wth the student and strengthening the teaching plan.

💜We allow your son/daughter - whether at high school or university level - to discover techniques and tips for him/her to catch up, keep up and get ahead of the pack. 🕒 



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