Matteo (17) succeeds thanks to his German tutoring course

cours de soutien scolaire

| First name: Matteo
| Nationality: Luxembourg and Italian
| Age: 17 years old
| Residence: Hesperange

| Need identified:  difficulties in forming complex sentences in German accurately, mix-up between Luxembourgish and German phrases and structures, a real obstacle in 10th grade, eager to see the end of this, helpless parents 😤

| Solution delivered: individualized tutoring targeting priority and fundamental knowledge domains to be consolidated, progressive drills and exercises: titling paragraphs, analyzing a literary work methodically, contextualizing an excerpt from a novel, techniques for how to draw the portrait of a main character 💪

| Outcome: average grade increased by 4 marks, restored self-confidence, relieved mom 👌

| EVAwhat? EVAschool !   😎 


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